Thoughtful giving 💝

Thoughtful giving 💝

Happy Mindful Money Monday! Here are some actionable ideas to give more thoughtfully this season.

60% of New Zealanders feel stressed about the cost of Christmas, based on Banked’s 2022 Christmas Spending Report. Here are 4 gift-related ideas you could try:

  1. Set a gift budget, so everyone can participate without worrying about how much they should spend.

    Could you plan for gifts and save up for next year's gifts?
    My partner and I estimate who we’ll give to, and how much we plan on spending, including on our birthdays. It's been a big stress relief.
  2. Get creative: could you gift time or help using a skill you have? how about making something, or buying second-hand?
  3. Organize a secret Santa so you can focus on getting 1 quality gift - here’s a free app to help with that.
  4. Respectfully declining invitations is also valid. This could look like saying:
Thank you for inviting me to join! I won’t be able to participate this year as I am at capacity.  I do appreciate the thought and hope you understand.”

Mindset: 1 idea on comparison 🧐

With clear intentions, comparison can be a powerful teacher.

  • To see how much progress you’ve made, compare yourself to who you were before. Your previous self likely did the best they could with the resources they had.
  • To find the next step, imagine what your future self would do and use that as a guide. What could you practice today to work towards that future self?

More: listen to 5 money mistakes to avoid when planning your next holiday  🧳

In this episode of the It’s No Secret podcast, Cat & Christine shared tips for planning ahead of travelling such as:

  • Estimating how much you’ll spend when you’re there, and checking the currency exchange fees and foreign transaction fees on your card.
  • Let your bank know you’re going overseas, so your card doesn’t get blocked.
  • Check your mobile phone plan - is it cheaper to get a new SIM card while you're there, or use a roaming data plan?
  • Make sure you have insurance - it's not just for when your luggage gets lost, but also so that you can get proper medical help, and flown home when needed.
  • Booking tickets directly usually leads to better deals and service. This can help if you need to change a detail, cancel, or request a refund.

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