Go slow to go fast ⚡️

How we can work "less", but better, and why strong foundations matter more than exciting, shiny achievements.

Go slow to go fast ⚡️

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In this issue of Mindful Money Mondays:

  • 🧠 Mindset: Working like a lion
  • 💸 Wealth: Strong foundations are key

🧠 Mindset: Work like a lion

We often think of the world as linear—we work 8 hours and expect 8 hours worth of output. We invest $10 and expect big returns quickly.

However, nobody really works 80+ hours a week effectively—our mental clarity goes down, and so does the quality of our output.

What tends to be more effective is to work in sprints. Work as hard as you can while you’re inspired, rest, reassess, and repeat. Working like a lion leads to a marathon filled with sprints.

h/t: Naval Ravikant, investor & co-founder of AngelList

Meme of two red buttons that are hard to pick between. 1 says "actually taking some time off", the other says "relaxing aka working on personal projects"
How often do we really take time to rest and relax?

💸 Wealth: Strong foundations are key

I like to think of my financial wellbeing as a boat trying to reach an island (goal).

We can’t control the wind/luck (luck), but we can control our boat.

We can plug the holes that are sinking the boat (debt).

We can set aside some resources (savings) for stormy days where we can’t fish.

We might not have sails (investments) at first, but once we get started building one, it’ll help us reach our goal much faster.

An image of a boat sailing to an island, with labels for the analogies. The wind is luck, the island is the goal, holes in the ship are debt, crates are savings, and a sail is investments.

Getting rid of debt and saving money are the cornerstones that make sure we can endure the journey to reach our goal.

Be careful of getting stuck building a sail without making sure the boat can float even in a storm, or being overconfident in the weather.

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